Computer Support

**Update for Computers to South Africa

The aim of the Computer Support Group is threefold:

  1. To help both novices and more experienced users to learn more about different aspects of computing.
  2. To help those with computers who are experiencing problems.
  3. To give advice on good practice to anybody who uses a computer, particularly the need to have strong security procedures and a reliable backup system.

Please note that specialised individual or small group tuition is always available upon request.

Numerous “health checks” have been carried out on members’ computers, advice has been given and new (free) security software installed where needed.

I strongly recommend looking at the various computing and scam articles in Computing links.

NB Do please keep your security software up-to-date and backup/copy your valuable data (anything which you cannot afford to lose, such as documents and photos) to an external hard drive etc.

For further details, please look at Backed up or Messed up?

***I also strongly advise looking at Computer Security & Advice, in order to keep up to date with current malware threats and advice.

Godfrey Green

Cardigan U3A Computer Support