General Studies (Newport)

Where to start? At the beginning, I suppose.

It all began with an open day at Fishguard, promoted by Pembrokeshire U3A. Upon joining and enquiring if there was a philosophy group I was promptly told ‘there is now’.

And thus it began in 1998, with a small group of us from the area meeting every two weeks in the back alcove of a pub in Newport. Cosy though this was at the start we soon needed more space for the growing numbers and moved into a room aloft.

From this nucleus members expressed interest in other topics and soon we had thriving groups for Books, Writing, Bridge, Gardening.

Participants at this stage were members of Pembrokeshire U3A, as this was our nearest organisation, but when Cardigan U3A sprang into existence it was obviously preferable to switch our allegiance to the nearer society.

For some years now weekly meetings have been held at Newport Eco Centre every Friday at 10.30 a.m. and further interest such as Art History, Films, Law, Music and some aspects of Religion are catered for.

Usually the meeting is followed by a lunch at the local. I must stress that anyone is more than welcome to join us and if you have any particular interest you would like to pursue there is always room to start a new group.

For further information please contact us via our email.