Pembrokeshire Archives:A Great Place to Visit

I recently arranged for our Local History Group to visit the Pembrokeshire Archives in Haverfordwest, and what a great time we had! This visit would slot into many of our U3A Groups and is well worth a visit. You get an illustrated talk and a tour of the building, one of the Archivists, David Llewellyn who showed us round is a great story teller and a mine of information and is keen to get involved with more groups in the area.

Don’t think that as we are Cardigan then its the wrong area, its not there is a wealth of information for north Pembrokeshire just sitting there waiting to be discovered. There is also an on-line search facility that you will be introduced to during the talk,which will help you to find if what you are looking for is available.
You can arrange a Group visit through their website Pembrokeshire Archives or contact me through our Local History page
Jo Hutchings: Group Leader Local History