Computers held to ransom!

“Your personal files have been encrypted and you have 96 hours to pay us £300.”


CryptoLocker has been described by one computer security analyst as “game-changing”.

It is a very sophisticated and nasty piece of ransom software which is impossible to decrypt.


Please read about CryptoLocker, then plan ahead in order to avoid this happening to YOU.



  1. Always have a backup available, because regardless of whatever preventative measures (see below) you take, CryptoLocker and other malware only needs to get through your defences ONCE.

  2. Regularly update your anti-malware software (such as Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware) and other software such as your antivirus and Windows Update.

  3. Also keep Java and Adobe Flash regularly updated.
  4. NEVER, EVER open an e-mail attachment unless you are 100% certain who sent it. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, delete it.

  5. Be alert to all forms of social engineering (scams, threats, hoaxes) which come to you via email. Always assume that every new email is “dodgy”.

  6. Adobe Reader has a history of vulnerabilities resulting in code execution, so it may be advisable to switch to Foxit Reader.