Fake Bank Email

This is a classic example of social engineering, so please be on your guard.

Also see below the delivery driver scam, which is very popular at this time of year.

Dear Customer,

Your access to Credit Card Online Services will expire in 3 days. In order to gain full access to all of the great benefits just log in to update your Credit Card Online Services using the Username ,PIN, Password and update your email records which you set up when you first registered. You’ll then be asked to click next. You should receive a confirmation letter in the post with in 3 working days.

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Helpfull Banking

RBS Credit Card Services

How to tell that it is a scam:

It was allegedly from RBS, at a .com address, not the correct .co.uk one.

It was not addressed to me by name as it should be, but to “Dear Customer”.

Your bank never asks you to supply ANY security particulars in an email, let alone ALL of them.

The bank would always give plenty of warning about account changes and never leave you in a position where your account was going to close in 3 days time.

The bank would use the term “you will”, not “you’ll”.

The word helpful is incorrectly spelled as “helpfull”.

The delivery driver scam is also popular at this time of year, so do NOT use your credit card to pay the £3.00 “service charge” because your card will be cloned and your bank account emptied!

Warning about flowers and wine scam