WARNING-Automatic renewals-Norton & McAfee

Do beware of the unscrupulous tactics of both of these companies. You have probably unwittingly signed up for automatic, exorbitant renewals of your security software!

Here are two examples:

“I join a long list of those who have been automatically renewed, which Norton claims is in place because it’s popular with customers who don’t want to bother with manual renewal. They charged me almost £70 which was double last years manually renewed subscription. But a nice man in India has set the refund in motion and I am now on a 30-day trial. At the moment my instinct is to find another provider. I don’t like Norton’s devious tactics and I agree it is theft to take money without consent”.

“This scam is still going on! I just discovered that Norton had taken £65 from my bank account back in July of this year – no advance warning of this fact and I wasn’t aware that I’d signed up for auto updates when I bought Norton with my new laptop a year ago. Having looked on line, I realised that I could buy a new copy for less than half that price… Luckily, when I found the (in my mind) illegal transaction from my account, I was still (just) within the 60-day refund period. I chatted to a nice guy online and he’s arranged to refund the money. Interestingly, he offered to let me keep the product and refund me 50% first! (Apparently I’m a valued Norton customer!).I do think this is a massive scam on Norton’s part… I hadn’t realised how long this has been going on either until I read the comments on here. Shocking!”
How to cancel Norton’s auto renewal using live chat:

How to cancel McAfee’s auto renewal: